You are part of the Canonballs – the Cañon Division 5 SNMWTL (Sonoma Napa Marin Women’s Tennis League). 

This website, designed for you, describes the structure and philosophy that motivates the SNM league and our Cañon Ladies to make team activities more enjoyable and successful and to keep you aware of changes and opportunities. Most importantly the site is where you register and update your availability for upcoming matches. The captain creating the match line-ups depends on this information.

How do we know how well our team is doing?

After each match we will send out a short report on how it went. You may want to check our progress and our standing in the overall league at Division 5 on the SNMWTL Division 5 Spring 2018 Results page.


How is our team organised?

SNM Captain Bettina Hughes and Co-Captain MaryBeth Crenna are assisted by Elaine McCarthy and Florence Collins, and by Coralie Russo, Canonballs web mistress and long term ex-Captain. Their tasks include ensuring that the team adheres to the SNM and USTA rules, managing team business such as line-ups, practices, payments, and hosting of visiting teams as well as dealing with any misunderstandings or problems. These five members meet a couple of times each season to discuss team issues, make plans, manage team business and assign tasks. 

Elaine McCarthy is our finance person who collects team fees from non-Cañon members.  Florence Collins determines and sends out food assignments for our home matches, and we hope to to find someone to fill it soon.  Bettina Hughes, with the invaluable guidance and help of Mary Gidley, a coach for the girls’ San Rafael H.S. tennis team, organises the Tuesday morning joint practice and drills for the SNM and San Anselmo Marin League teams. Tuesday morning is also a club round robin, so we at times have extra players participating.

Team members are listed on the roster of Canonballs and on the SNMWTL website. Every team member is eligible to play in the matches. The players for line-ups will be chosen in an effort to match up the levels of proficiency between our team and the opposing team. Our hope is to enable our members to experience satisfaction in playing matches at their level, gain match experience, and to win the match.

What are the expectations for all team members?

First and foremost we expect that you enjoy the comradery of your team members and the competition of playing in this league. We expect that you are committed to your team and thus aware of the necessity to be reliable and generous with your time and mind. Lastly, we expect that you take responsibility for your own development of tennis proficiency – a fundamental principle of learning. The power to learn and to grow as a player lies with you. 

In that spirit we recommend:

  1. To be a legal player per SNM rules, SNM players have to either be or become Cañon members (preferred!) or pay the Canonballs team fee before the start of the season. ( $50 for each half - fall and spring sessions, $100 for the year)
  2. Get to know the SNM rules in and your team players (see phone list above).
  3. Post your availability for games on the Canonballs website at the beginning of the season and update it in a timely fashion – Captains depend on it for line-ups.**
  4. Be available as often as possible to play in matches at home and away and try not to cancel after the line-up goes out.
  5. Attend when possible the Tuesday team practice/drills to improve your skills and get to know potential partners.*.  
  6. Play regularly in clinics, practice, or drill sessions during the week so that your game may improve and you feel comfortable in match situations.***
  7. Be on time for the matches – in fact be there in advance for warm ups.
  8. Do a meaningful 20 to 30 minute warm up before a match whenever possible.  
  9. Watch your team members play in matches when you have time to cheer them along.
  10. Save your password for the Canonballs website and check it regularly for updates.   


* Please note: Cañon Club is a private club. It allows the SNM team to play free of charge at Cañon in our Tuesday morning team practice, and, of course, during matches. Cañon allows our team to play there at other times, however,  they expect non-members to pay a guest fee of $10  every time before going onto the courts. For this you need to sign in and pay at the office in the club house.  Do not forget! 

** Please note: To create the best possible line-up, it is most important to know the available players two weeks before the match. So calendar the match dates now (including any rain-outs, new scheduled) and post your availability for the whole season  as soon as possible at the beginning of the season. If your availability changes, please log back in and correct your availability (see Edit Availability tab above). Please be aware: Once a line-up is set and someone drops out, the task of replacement is disruptive and difficult.  If you have to drop out at such a moment, please also email the captains of this change.

*** Please note: Erik Johansson, our Cañon coach, has excellent Monday morning 9-11am, Tuesday evening, 6-7pm, and Wednesday morning 9-10:30am clinics that we highly recommend you attend when you can. Of course there are other clinics all over Marin, and so feel fee to attend whichever you find best for you. We also encourage scheduling social games with your team members.  (Don't forget to pay your fees to the respective clubs and town tennis courts).